In this laboratory with climate controlled soak and control rooms, we can run different driving cycles according to national or international standards as:
ECE R40, R47, EUDC,
ECE 15/05(NEDC),
In this laboratory some other tests shall run as fuel consumption based on carbon balance technic and exhaust emission at ideal speed.


In this laboratory we can measure fuel physical properties as cetane, octane, density,,,,,
We can measure fuel consumption based on weight procedure in this laboratory.


With one eddy current dynamometer equipped with different measuring sensors (temperature, humidity, pressures) we can measure net power,fuel consumption and engine performance (power-torque-speed diagram). With one multi brand motorcycle diagnosis tool (TEXA) we can read, check and load ECU. 

A room with full coverage with acoustic material and egg crate foam with all measuring devices is ready to run horn test. The bypass noise will run in a special quite area with known surface and surrounding noise level. 

Some of the dynamic and suspension tests run in the laboratory and some of them outside in rented test track. We can run:
- Brake force, and deceleration ,
- Hand brake force and pedal force meter,
- Suspension test ,measuring damping ratio ,
- On road brake test,

In General laboratory, we have many test and measuring devices which are calibrated by third parties and can measure all physical and mechanical characteristics of all types of motorcycles. Several special test devices same as motorcycle stability test platform also available.